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About Us

The Impact Trainings are dedicated to the "ego mind".

The part of you that continues to worry;
Lives in doubt;
Judges other people;
Is afraid to trust;
Needs proof and approval;
Has self-limiting beliefs;
Fails to follow up;
Refuses to practice what it preaches;
Needs to be rescued;
Wants to be a victim;
Beats up on "self";
Needs to be right all of the time;
Continues to hold on to what does not work.

Put your ego mind on notice: "When you enter the Quest Training...your days are numbered!"

Impact Trainings Proclamation

Our purpose is to provide experiential trainings that will assist you in taking on your life. We are not a religion, not a political organization, and we do not seek endorsements from religions or political institutions. We do not provide therapy of any kind nor do we offer religious training. The Impact Trainings are designed for individuals who lives are working, and who are ready to experience more productivity and positive results in their life. The Impact Vision is to empower the human spirit towards free, unconditionally-loving, and harmonious living.

Tens of thousands of people of all ages from all backgrounds, occupations, and professions from all corners of the globe have taken control of their lives through the Impact Trainings. Individuals have learned how to create and sustain feelings of optimism, peace of mind, clarity, personal power, and joy. There are not other trainings like the Impact Trainings anywhere in the world.

The Impact Trainings were co-founded by Hans and Sally Berger in 1984 and are based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our purpose is to create a safe environment where you "take on your life", and learn to "live life instead of life living you." We provide experiential trainings that assist you in coming to the knowledge of who you truly are.

What is an "experiential training"?

In the Impact Trainings setting, processes are set up and designed to assist you in taking an active part in discovering what "makes you tick", and why you respond to life's situations the way you do. On the surface, it may appear that your life is working and, for all practical purposes, it is. "Then," you might ask, "what is it that has me deal with life and my relationships the way I do?" In order to find that answer, you must go deeper inside to the very bottom of you where the silent pain, anger, and disappointment lies that you so successfully have stuffed. Perhaps even now you tell yourself that you have dealt with that a long time ago. Or, you might even pretend it is not part of you anymore. And yet, at the strangest times, you feel emotions come up and you shift from being "in charge of your life" to feelings of sadness, confusion, and wanting to be alone. You might find people not seeming to understand you and old friendships falling away. Or, you may wonder how to deal with friends, co-workers, and family. You may even be thinking it is just you and wonder what is wrong with you. Relax! It is happening to all of us!

In the Impact Trainings, you will have the opportunity to deal with all these issues that seem to affect you and run you, rather than you being in charge of your life. In the trainings, you will have the opportunity to take this old stuck energy and displace it by all the new energy coming. It is really a simple process: If you have a glass of water with a layer mud on the bottom (old stuck energy), and if you begin to pour a constant stream of new fresh water (new energy) in, the first thing that happens is the mud is stirred and the water becomes muddy. If you continue to pour in fresh water, eventually all the old mud (old stuck energy) will get flushed out and you are left with a glass of fresh, pure water (new energy).

Also, during the trainings, you will have the opportunity to move around in the training room and interact with others.

There are five aspects of an "experiential training" that you will experience:

  • Lecturettes (short informational lectures)
  • One-on-one interaction with the Trainer
  • Interaction with a small group
  • Interaction with a large group
  • Being by yourself in process

The Impact Trainings are a loving journey where you have the opportunity to break down distrust and walls that you created as a result of your life's experiences. In this training you will take a look at limiting fixed beliefs. When you emerge from this journey of discovery, you will be free and open to see new possibilities in every aspect of your life. You will still experience life and all of life's events, but you will deal with them with ease, clarity, and gratitude.

In the training room, the trainer simply asks questions, opening a space for complete honesty. In this training setting you learn about unconditional love, accountability, and clarity on a deep impactful level, and in a very loving, safe, absolutely confidential, and professional environment, which will affect your relationship you have with yourself and all others around you in a positive way.

This is a training of choice

No one in the training room tells you what to or what not to believe, think, feel, or what to embrace in life. Only you have the answers for you. These trainings are designed to assist in bringing total clarity in answering your own questions. You learn about your personal life cycles and how to choose differently. Our participants experience clarity and increased self-esteem, greater fulfillment in relationships and careers, and, most of all, joy and gratitude for life.

Who can benefit by the Impact Trainings?

  • If you are searching for happiness in any area of your life.
    Impact Trainings provide practical, specific skills that enable you to make the changes that you desire in yourself. You learn what you truly want in love relationships, family relationships, health, and, most of all, what you want in life.
  • If you desire greater success and satisfaction in your career.
    You learn how to effectively communicate with everyone; your clients, your employees, and coworkers. Learn to cultivate and use your power of discernment in making any business decision. Learn about accountability and a higher from of integrity in the work place. Tap into a new source of inspiration and energy, becoming more effective in the work place and with co-workers. Get the results you have always wanted in your career.
  • If your family relationships are troubled by adversity.
    You learn the skills to actually heal relationships instead of pointing the finger at each other. In order to heal outside relationships, you have to heal yourself first. You learn specific communication and listening skills that will assist you in creating miracles in family and love relationships. You experience talking to your family members without judgment or blame, and with great clarity and love.
  • If you are at a turning point in your life.
    Facing a career change, birth of a child, divorce, the death of a spouse, death of a child, graduation from college, mid-life transitions, retirement, or if you are searching for more peace of mind about life's challenges. You gain an entirely new perspective on life in this training.

It is exciting to have the ability to make decisions based on what is truth instead of "limiting fixed beliefs of one's self"! Get in touch with the beliefs you have, and which beliefs are working and are not working for you in your life. Enjoy the feeling of being liberated and free of the weight that limiting beliefs put on you.

Impact Trainings participants most often report these benefits:

  • The ability to make peace with difficult past events and move on – letting go of past pain, regrets, and worries about the future
  • Increased self-trust and self-confidence
  • An improved level of physical energy and vitality
  • A profound sense of personal power
  • An enhanced motivation and capacity to pursue success with increased productivity and clarity
  • A newfound ability to "lighten up", to play more freely, and enjoy life whole-heartedly
I walked into Quest with... And walked out with...
  • Fear
  • Judgment
  • Feeling "not enough"
  • Confusion
  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Courage
  • Unconditional love
  • Self love
  • Clarity
  • Freedom
  • Forgiveness

In these trainings – Quest, Summit, and Lift-Off:

  • Discover decisions you have made based on beliefs about yourself (in childhood, adolescence, adulthood), which prevent you from having what you want in life. You will have opportunities to make new decisions and choices that work.
  • Learn to accept events and lessons of the past that disrupt your life and use them as tools in moving forward in your present relationships.
  • Experience personal growth in an HONEST, direct, loving environment, without judgment. You will feel safe and supported by others in your training group.
  • Energize your body – healing yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually from the inside out.
  • Take a look at relationships: Self, love relationships, friendships, and work relationships.
  • Tune into marriage and parenting skills.
  • Learn to risk-develop assertiveness skills and communication skills.
  • You will physically engage and experience you life under a microscope.

All this and MORE in only a few days!


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Impact Trainings can make a difference in your life!

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